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I am a very nice person I will try to help anyone I can but there are limits some people take your kindness for weakness so I can read most people because i get vibes from people that are on the up and up Keep in mind when a person crosses you don't do what is expected of you do the opposite Pray for them don't block your blessings by holding grudges he will make your enemy your footstool
Music: I love all types of music Fantasia, Keisha Cole, Alicia Keys Mary, J Karen Clark Shears, Shekinah Glory, marvin Winans, Mary Mary, wow the list goes on and on
TV: The Game, All Tyler Perry, Martin, Family Guy, Good Times, Sandford& Son The Jeffersons MOnday Night Raw
Interests: Do not be discouraged the reason why we go through trials because God is giving you a test this is your season Praise him at all times because he is worthy to be praised
Movies: My Favorite Actor without a doubt is Tyler Perry
Dreams: My dreams are to be able to live comfortably be able to be very successful to put nothing before God our savior because with him we couldn't make I would like to thank him for my family

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