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    5 ft. 7 in.
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    Few Extra Pounds
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Lets start things off right, Hi my name is Ben.

I tend to think of my self as a pretty big geek/nerd. I'm big into computer gaming and love playing console games. While I don't buy comics any more because of space and money issues, I am always willing to chat about them. I was also fairly big into trading card games. What can I say, I am a big enough geek/nerd that I worked in a comic/games store for a little over 4 years. Would probably still be there if it had just payed a little better.

I enjoy reading when I can find the time. I have to admit though that I am not much for reading the really heavy stuff. The heaviest thing I have read that I can think of was Starship Troopers (the original, not the one based on the bad movie). While I really enjoyed it, I'm fairly sure I missed a great deal that the author was trying to say with his story.

Movies are always a blast. I will watch just about anything, though I admit I have a hard time with horror. I have even been known to watch and enjoy the occasional romantic comedy (sssshhh, don't tell anyone). My FAVORITE movie is, hands down, Aliens.

I'm not one for bars or clubs. I don't mind going to the occasional bar and playing a couple rounds of pool (I am SO very bad at that game). I just don't get much enjoyment out of them because I don't drink. It's not that I have anything against drinking or anything like that. My problem with drinking is that I am super sensitive to the taste of alcohol. I always feel like I'm drinking Robitussin, and that stuff is nasty.

I enjoy hanging out with my friends a great deal. Be it going to the movies and getting some grub after, or just chilling at one of our houses. Friends are very important too me. If you make it onto my "friends" list, then there is very little I wouldn't do for you.

What I am looking for

I guess I'm looking for someone who is cool with sitting at home with me and just vegging, but also willing to go out and do things once in a while.
A love of gaming would be awesome, but not necessary. A willingness to tolerate my hobbies is a must however. I have known too many guys who have had to give up the something they love because their girlfriend or wives hate it, and think its stupid.
Other then that, I guess we can just play it by ear.
Must like dogs. I have a Corgi named Rex who LOVES the ladies and a mixed breed named Cinders that will take ANY attention.